Question HyperX Cloud Alpha or SteelSeries Arctis 5 2019?


May 1, 2016
I only care about sound quality, since I already have a mic. I'll use the headset exclusively on PC for gaming, music and YT. Which one is better and why?


I'm not asking for another recommandation, I'm asking between these 2
They’re not good headphones. They’re “gaming” headphones with decent drivers but overall you’re paying for the mic which you’re not gonna use, the aesthetics and the branding. Neither will sound nearly as good as a decent pair of headphones and if you don’t need the mic I cannot in good conscious recommend either.
Arctis 5 2019

First take into consideration the use, these are targeting for Mixed use, not "Audiophile" so take that in mind, they are not bad for the price,

What I liked

Comfort- Great.. Steel series always has this right.
Treble- Very good "Vocals are slightly recessed"
Mids- Very good "Bass can muddy up the lower mids at times"
Bass- Low bass is good, Mid and High are a little overemphasize with make them Boomy and good for Games and Movies.
Sound Stage and Spatial Audio- Good in this regard and much better than you would expect out of a set of Closed Back. It was well good enough to identify footsteps and explosions.
App Support- Stable and with lots of options

What I don't like
Frequency Response Consistency- I wear glasses so moving them around changes how they sound quite a bit.
Build quality- Well they feel cheap just like all Steel Series
The cable is not removable.. Neither is the alphas and that becomes a weak spot.

What makes them Better over the Alphas
Treble- They are much more consistent and less Shrill
Bass- It gets less muddy and not as overbearing.
SoundStage and Spatial Audio- Alphas have a much smaller sound stage and audio cue are a little harder to notice over the overwhelming bass at times.
No exposed wires over the Earpads these tend to break over time

What I like better about the Alphas

Build Quality
Pads and Fit


Well as said already, if you are not using a mic I would not get any of those. Not sure why you are looking for a headset if you won't be using the mic, you can get better audio in the 100-200 range in headphones if you get the right thing.

Cable is removable in both headsets, I have both in my house, my son bought the Arcits, I got a set of used Alphas for my new laptop. Arctis has a usb type connector that goes to either a 4 pole cable or their usb small DAC/audio controller. HyperX Alpha has a standard 3.5mm removable cable that is nicer than the Arctis. I like the sound better in the Alphas, and they have more isolation from outside noise. Arctis are a bit more comfortable and lighter, have a more open airy sound to the audio, but I still think the Alphas sound better, they have a better kick to the audio, sounds sharper and more defined.

Another good pick, and maybe the better on is the CoolerMaster MH751 for a gaming headset.

I use my headphones and earbuds with a DAC/Amp which makes the sound better, and at the same time ensures the headphones are sounding their best without any extra noise from the computer sound card.
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