Dec 19, 2019
I have a weird and annoying issue.
I have HyperX Cloud II headset.
I've been using them on another laptop for a long time now with no issues - both using the AUX cable, or the provided USB sound card (These headphones come with a detachable USB soundcard where you connect the aux)
But now I got a new PC and since it's not a laptop I no longer have the option to use it with the AUX cable because it's not a combined mic+speaker jack like on the laptop so I am using the USB soundcard.

But the mic always stops working! With no warning. Then to make it work again I don't even know what I'm doing. I just unplug it and switch between USB ports and uninstall the device from the device manager. That does not always work as well! Most of the time it doesn't work and in rare times it does work and I'm not sure what makes it work for this short period of time.

Also, I checked the provided aux splitter that came with these headphones but the splitter does not match the I/O port spacing -_- so can't connect

Of course the USB card has a physical MUTE switch on the side, but it's obviously not muted!

I also checked again on my laptop with the USB card - no issues!

Only on this specific PC. I remember I once downgraded the BIOS although it's not recommended so maybe it damaged something?

The specs are ASRock b450m-pro4 and 2200g

Help please!