Question HyperX Cloud microphone audio quality perfect on the phone and terrible with static and quiet on the PC(suddenly started doing this on the pc)

Apr 26, 2019
Ok so, one day it decided to be very quiet and they could barely hear me in the voice chat , then static came randomly, itried everything, updating firmware of hyperX,updating soundcard drivers,updating windows,recover old drivers for soundcard,the hyperx comes with a thing that u put ur 3.5 jack into and then u put the usb cable to the pc, i took out the usb and put the 3.5 jack directly at the back of the pc, results of all of this were the same, its quiet with static , also i tried using that program that increases the DB level of usb headsets nothing just made static worse, other than the microphone audio quality from my headset and my speakers are top notch , if it werent i would have blamed the sound card , do you know anything please help :C
(the image is the thing i plug my 3.5 jack and then the usb at the back of the pc )


Faulty adapter perhaps.

That adapter being the thing described as "the hyperx comes with a thing that u put ur 3.5 jack into and then u put the usb cable".

Try your microphone set up on another known working computer.

Try another known working microphone on your computer.

Determine if the audio problems stay with your computer or follow the HyperX. Either microphone or adapter.

You need to methodically swap things around to either identify a specific reason or narrow down the source by elimination.

If I correctly understand what you have done thus far it appears that the USB to 3.5 mm adapter may be faulty.

One reason being is that it did work and now is getting worse; some plug or port problem just getting worse.