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Question HyperX Cloud Stingers, very low mic quality, should I return them? Headphones


Jan 1, 2019
I bought the HyperX Cloud Stingers thinking I would sound like this -
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRUreNFEuPo
- Mic test at 4:38.
My friends say I sound like I am in a fish bowl. There is also a huge amount of background noise, which it said it would cancel out, my fans are relatively quiet yet it picks up a very large amount of fan noise. Overall the input quality is very poor to what I though it would be, anyone know what the problem is? I don't think it is the headset.
Also, I used the headphones on Rainbow Six Siege, the audio was very odd, my gun was really quiet, rappel really quiet, breaking barricades and hitting walls was very quiet, and if I looked in a certain direction the announcer was very quiet, is this normal?