Question HyperX Fury RAM on Gigabyte B365M H motherboard ?


Feb 27, 2014
I have had this setup for nearly a year now, the Gigabyte motherboard with 2 pieces of 16GB HyperX Fury DDR4.
More specs for the memory: 3200 (speed), UDIMM, CL16 (CAS Latency), Black (Heat Spreader), 3rd Revision, Kit of 2 modules
All went well until a couple of weeks ago. First the system would freeze, just after logging in (Windows10), to get out of this freeze I had to do a hard re-start, and once that was done, the system just froze during turning it on.

I took one of the pieces of memory out, and, hurray, the system would start again, albeit with half the memory of course. :)
I went to the Gigabyte website, and checked the Qualified Vendors List for my MoBo.
My memory isn't on it, but at the bottom of the document it says "Memory modules listed as above is for reference only. Due to massive memory models in market, we can only verify some of them."

I am no expert. However, it feels as if my memory is too fast for this MoBo. Is that correct?
Second question is: if I would buy new memory (in line with the recommendations for this MoBo) is that still going to work ok?