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May 8, 2020
Hi internet!

Few questions.

1. Anyone know if it's possible to use HyperX QuadCast as my Mic on PS4 and ignore my Astro A50 Gen 3's mic?

2. Is it possible to connect HyperX QuadCast to two devices at once (before i buy it)? i.e to PS4 and PC (Discord)? As when i stream direct from PS4 it doesn't include mic-audio when my ASTRO A50's are plugged into USB (guessing mic is via USB not optical) going through Discord. I'm hoping a third-party mic will fix this but will it support both devices at once until i get a new PC?

(Currently: I've ASTRO A50 plugged into PC via USB (for Discord) and Optical into PS4 Pro for in-game audio but when streaming it doesn't include mic, very annoying. Until 3000 series and new AMD CPU's i don't really wish to buy a PC so for now i stream direct from console - sucks but yeah).

Sorry if it's posted in the wrong section!

Thanks, y'all.