Question Hypothetical Laptop Mod for Increased OC

Aug 5, 2018
In a hypothetical situation, what are the best things I could do to make a laptop better suited for Overclocking? Better thermal paste? Water cooling? Are there any water coolers designed for laptops? How about external water coolers, if that exists? Thx in advance!

Sorry if it's worded badly. Maybe it isn't. I just feel that it is for some reason.


It is a well thought out question.

Thermal compound and higher quality thermal pads is the best modification you can make to a laptop. The paste most OEMs use is designed to last, if you are comfortable replacing it semi-regularly then you can use less stable but better performing compounds. This has the added benefit of encouraging regular cleanings of the fans and heatsinks.

If there is room inside the chassis I have seen people add small heatsinks to the heat pipes wherever they will fit. I'm not too sure on this one since the idea of a heat pipe is to get fluid circulating and these would create cold spots in the path. Though it would increase thermal mass a little.

No one really makes purpose built water cooling for laptops (with the exception of a few built around that concept, ASUS sells a model I believe, which has a docking system) There might be some more wholly custom solutions out there in larger chassis.

Just too difficult to get water cooling components down to a size that they would fit in what people would still call a laptop. There are some truly massive mobile workstations out there, but unless you like to lug around 20lb laptop and two power bricks, not really intended for the casual user.

Smallest water cooling parts I can think of are ones made for RC cars and planes, but even then they are still thicker than most laptops.

Now if you didn't want it to be portable anymore, nothing stopping you from using the bare board and slapping water blocks to it. I have seen the occasional budget gamer with a full sized tower cooler sitting on top of a laptop motherboard.

Overclockers don't target laptops all that much. It is only recently that Intel has relaxed on including unlocked multipliers on high end mobile CPUs.