Hypothetical: Lucid Virtu type technology to combine Nvidia/ATI cards?


Mar 3, 2010
The idea behind the Lucid Virtu software is that lets you take advantage of the Sandybridge integrated graphics Quick Sync technology along with the 3D performance of a 3rd party video card.

I'm wondering if this concept might be adapted to using an ATI and an Nvidia card in combination to boost gaming performance? Might it be possible for the Lucid software to allocate half of the duty to the ATI card, and half to the Nvidia card?

How does its interface between the Sandybridge graphics and 3rd party graphics differ from the scaling gains due to Crossfire/SLI?


Oct 13, 2011
It already done, is called Hydralogix.

It came in several comercial MOBOs, Asus ROG came in my mind but there are several others.

"...3rd party graphics differ from the scaling gains due to Crossfire/SLI?"

Sandy bridge is internaly located, PCI-E need to be adressed therefore no especial chip is needed they do not conflict.

Else to switch beteewn the PCI-E cards a multiplexor chip is needed to control the traffic.

Based on PCI-E multiplexors, it can not match the speed on native solutions but for consumers like me who have good but older cards is like mana from heaven.