Question HYTE Y60 Problems

Feb 26, 2023

I thought I was going to like this case, but I'm starting to reconsider. The major issue with this case is that the vertically mounted GPU completely blocks access to any of the PCIE slots on the motherboard. It is impossible to mount the GPU horizontally in this case. Because the horizontal bays are all low-profile. I attempted a workaround to get access to my PCIE x1 slot but then realized this case only supports low-profile cards, because the GPU blocks everything else. It's turning out to be a terrible design.

In any case, I have this card, and I'm trying to get some ideas on how to connect it. I can't find a low-profile card that has the same number of ports. I've been thinking about using this riser, but I still wouldn't be able to put the card in the only available bay because the card would completely block the GPU fans. One fan wouldn't even spin because the card would be touching the blades.

I'm just looking for ideas, if anyone has this case, or knows of a quality low-profile card which will give me what I need. It needs to be a PCIE x1 card.

I love the looks of this case, but for functionality, I'm considering returning it. If I hadn't already put several hours into building the system, I would. I just don't want to tear it all apart again in a new case, however, I am open to suggestions on other cases that are good, in case it comes to that.