Hyundai Q17 - Tom's calibrated profiles?


Jul 4, 2003
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From BigD:

I've had the ImageQuest Q17 for about 2 months. Great monitor. But I have one problem...

I tried the color management files from Tom's article and they did not seem to make one bit of difference to my screen. I tried both the 5000K and 6500K files and nothing happened when I set them as default and applied the setting. I know on my TV when I make a 5000K to 6500K switch it is quite noticable.

I tried different settings on the monitor... user, mode1, and mode2. Nothing. Tried the Q17 file that came with the monitor driver at the hyundaiq site, no change either.

I though it might happen after rebooting, but I could not detect any differnce.

Does anyone know what's up? Is there something I'm missing.

Running XP Pro using nForce2 onboard video (Shuttle SN41G2)
Tried on seperate nVidia card, no difference. Using 44.03 Nv drivers.


I bought Q17 too and have been satisfied so far.

Except that I have the same issues as this one other guy here - Tom's calibrated profiles don't have any effect on this display.

I have ti4200 as a sipsplay adapter, with DVI-I.

Any solutions to this profile problem?

Also, I would very much like to adjust the brightness! The knob just doesn't have any effect.


And now from Lamarck:

I'm having similar problems - I'd be be very grateful if someone could explain how to get Tom's calibrated profiles to work on this monitor.

By the way, Anglian Internet (contact via can supply the DVI version in the UK.


About the ICC profiles given in the review, they are just available with the Q17 with D-Sub AND DVI. For the other versions, even if the panel is the same, the settings are different. Different electronic, different OSD... Same for the profiles and, sorry, we don't have them. But even without these profiles, these displays are very good!