[SOLVED] I’m getting less FPS at 1440p on my 4K monitor than at native resolution?


Aug 13, 2017
As the title says, but I’ll give a bit more detail and I hope someone could explain why. So I got a great deal on a 4K monitor (model is Acer KG281K) overkill for my system at the time and as always I run in head first without doing enough research. So my system at the time was a gtx 1060 3gb, Ryzen 3 1200 and 2x4gb ram. So at the time I was playing PUBG and I found out after finally doing a bit of research that my idea of playing at a lower resolution would come at the price of being a bit blurry as it was not native. So I tried it at 1440 and it wasn’t too bad at all and I got playable FPS, at 4K obviously it was unplayable on my setup, so I was good with that. So present day, I have upgraded my gpu, done some proper research this time and as I was playing at 4K with the gtx 1080 I upgraded to, I stuck with the Ryzen 3 1200 for now. So I’m happy with the upgrade, getting playable FPS (for me personally) in most games I play. I’m currently playing BFV and I turn my settings down to a mixture of medium and low, still looks great and I get around 65-70 FPS. However, I get regular drops to around 50 FPS when a lot is happening it doesn’t feel very smooth below 60. So then I remembered when I had my 1060 and I had a significant jump in FPS when I knocked the resolution down to 1440p in pubg. So I decided to do the same in BFV. And this is where my issue comes. When I do this, I get only around 55 FPS, so a drop of around 10 FPS? Does anyone know why this would be? I know at lower resolutions I’m going to start getting a cpu bottleneck but when I have watched benchmarks even at the lower resolutions this setup still sees a jump in FPS when lowering the resolution, it just won’t achieve the maximum FPS because of the bottleneck. So, is it because of the resolution not being native? Although that doesn’t make sense because before I upgraded my GPU I was getting an FPS jump at the lower resolution. Any help would be greatly appreciated and sorry for the essay but I wanted to give all the info I could lol
The simple answer is your CPU is bottlenecking the crap out of that 1080. You need a much better CPU. The CPU is 4c/4t, so it maxes out in any heavy CPU demanding games. As a result when the CPU hits 100% usage you will get FPS drops, and in game stuttering.

Ideally you want a minimum of a R5 1600x in there to give your system some stutter free gaming.

Also, for BF V, ram is really important. At 1080p it uses upwards of 9gbs. If you only have 8gbs, your ram will most certainly max out at 1440p even if on lower settings. Ram maxing out also cause similar stuttering and FPS drops, as it starts writing to your swapfile/pagefile once your ram fills up. The swapfiles is very slow, this is what causes stuttering.
To fix your problem, i'd say get a 1600x min CPU to drive your GPU nicely, and get 2 x 8gbs matched kit for 16gbs of system ram. You can sell your current 2 x 4 kit to offset the cost.

That will give you some nice gamplay from your 1080 and be sufficient for a couple of years of high settings gaming at 1080p/1440p

What motherboard to you have. Ryzen 2 2x00 CPU are very cheap right now, you can get great deals on them.