Question I’m going crazy

Jul 18, 2019
So I am absolutely new to building a pc. I have been searching for a bunch of info about ram. I have a Ryzen 5 2400g and was considering the asrock b450m pro4 mobo. I am going to use a 250 sad with a 2 tb hdd. I don’t really game on the computer but will be messing with editing baseball videos. Other than that nothing too crazy. Everywhere I read it says I should use 16gb min (I know for gaming use) which I don’t mind. I’d rather be a little overkill than under. But what speed should I get? I looked at asrock qvl and was dumbfounded because. Please help. I’d like to choose ram from the list so it limits my problems as a first time build Pro4/index.asp#MemoryRR

Ryzen benefits from 3200mhz and up, and for your setup I would suggest 16GB for video editing.

You may want to consider buying even a lower end graphics card for editing, you can find dirt cheap new and used GTX1050 and GTX1050tis or even older GTX980s as well as AMD RX series likes the RX560, RX570 or RX580. For the RX570 and RX580 just be sure to have a decent 450 watt or great power-supply. With the 1050 and 1050ti they use hardly any power and both models can be found in variants that are powered solely by the PCIe slot.