Question I’ve a problem with heating. My PC boots into Windows at 73degree C ...


Aug 7, 2014
I’m not sure why the temperature is so high. My PC seems to idle at around 70-75 degrees C. I downloaded Core Temp and Speccy and it seems my PC flucture around high 60s-85.

Many times my PC wakes up at over 75 degree C! And minimal usage (Youtube with Vpn) can cause it to stay at around 75!

I’ve 4 fans running. 2 on the back that is drawing air out, 2 in front, blowing air in...

My case is a Tecware Nexus M2.

Amd ryzen 5 3500 cpu
Gigabyte b450m d3sh v2
palit gtx 1660 super
Kingston cl17 2666mhz 16gb gpu
Psu - cooler master mw 550 bronze
Samsung qvo 870 1tb ssd

Windows 10


Not a terrible case for airflow, it's basically a nzxt H200/210 without the fancy wire shroud. There's one thing I would think about doing though, remove the pci slot covers, let the gpu breathe. Yes it's unfiltered air, but that's a small price to pay for cooler gpu temps. You could always stick a 120mm magnetic filter over that area, gpu will still have better air access.

I'd start with the bios. Make sure you have the latest for that motherboard and cpu, as well as the chipset drivers found on the same page at Gigabyte support. Many times it's a combination of new software (Windows especially) and older drivers that can cause funky temps.

Then worry about the Tim. With a Ryzen, I'd not do the traditional pea sized blob. Ryzen isn't a small, monolithic die, it's often larger and can push towards the edges and corners more. For me, it's a full coverage pasting, just a thin layer covering the entire IHS surface. Ryzen perform better at lower temps, get better boosts and higher fps when not exceeding @ 60°C by much. But expect idle temps in the 30-40° range as normal. Make sure the cooler is installed correctly, get both sides hooked before snapping in place etc.