Info I 3D printed a G305 mod with 52g total

Mar 7, 2019

With this Mod the total Weight will be reduced to 54g and the mouse will have flatter sides almost like the G100s ones. A huge part of the weight reduction was achieved by using a button cell battery each lasting about 3 weeks of intense gaming.

I designed this mod together with two other guys and with the help of 3D scans made by a dentist. In addition a method called "photogrammetry" was used which takes over 400 pictures of every possible angle which then get processed to a 3D model by a software. The 3D scans were then used as template to design the whole mouse from ground up. We used the software "Fusion 360" for that.

The original weight of the mouse with an AA battery was an astonishing 96g (!). A popular mod was replacing the AA battery with a lithium AAA battery and a tinfoil ball as adapter reaching the total weight of 83g. More information about the weight reduction on this mod can be found here: View:

Regarding comfort I can say that I use a special grip tape on the sides and the holes on the top surprisingly don' bother me, I feel them though. It's actually quite nice that it prevents some of the sweating on the hand since the hand has more contact to air.

Of course I'm still using the hightech technology made by logitech with the instant wireless technology and the efficient sensor. The sensor only uses 6mA in peek phases which results to 100h of playtime with the 600mAh button cell.

When I freshly bought my G305 the slanted sides bothered me a lot and I missed the G100s sides. That's why I tried to recreate the G100s sides with my mod.

Concerning stability I can say that it's more stable than one might think. A drop from a table is possible without any damage. I might have to stop throwing my mouse against my wall after a lost game though..

I print with a 3D printer called "Ender 3" which I heavily modded (why can't I just leave stuff as they are?). All four parts need a whopping 17h hours to print: two mouse buttons, the top and the bottom part. The battery cover fused with the mid part since the battery is now reachable from the bottom.

If you want to follow this project, I regularly post Updates on Twitter: @ModsMouse

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