Question I accidentally cloned with Macrium Reflect instead of doing a backup --- what to do now ?


Jul 29, 2016
Summary: Using Macrium, accidentally cloned/over-wrote external HDD instead of doing a back up . Can I recover files & restore HDD size? Went from 2TB to 1TB ?

I had a lot of saved info on my external HDD from other computers. Very low hours, it is not backed up yet.
I accidentally cloned my desktop 1 TB SSD to that 2 TB external HDD, intending to just back it up.

Now none of the old backed up files on the external 2TB HDD are showing up (possibly overwritten) and drive size is showing 1TB (identical to SSD it was cloned from) instead of the actual 2TB.

Is there anything I can do to recover my lost data and restore to 2TB?
To restore HDD size I should just reformat and then run BACKUP again?

Macrium was on "CREATE A BACKUP" tab, (see red circle in pic below)
Then I clicked "CLONE THIS DISK". There does not seem to be any other "button" to get it to begin the backup and I have done it before successfully but it's been a couple of months
so I may have done it differently this time.
It took 42 mins for 250 GB.
If anyone can recommend the best Macrium instructional video for simply backing up, please forward. I've looked at a few and find it confusing.
Thank You!