I already have RAID1 but after installing Windows 7 I need to install


Mar 29, 2012
I have a desktop with RAID 1 already setup (2-500Gig hard drives). I also have 2 - 2Tertabyte hard drives installed that are not part of the Raid1 (which I will disconnect when I install the Matrix Storage).
I just did a customized install of Windows 7 64b with no problem but my Matrix Storage that I had of course was wiped out. I didn't care because Windows7 has my computer running so much better.
Anyway, I need to knows if I download the software from Intel and install MATRIX STORAGE MANAGER or RAPID STORAGE MANAGER (that corresponds to my Processor Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9550 2.83 GHz), will that cause problems in my RAID and System or wipe out my data? Anything that I should be aware before I do it?
Thank in you in advance
You may have already wiped out your data. In the future, the very first step before trying such a thing is to make an external copy of your existing data.

If you set up a new RAID with those volumes, they will probably be initialized. The simplest solution is to attach one as a single drive and see if you can read it, or recover it with something like Recuva or EASEUS Partition Recovery. Or see this thread about RAID0, which is much nastier (read impossible) to recover:
Good luck.