I am a little confuse


Jun 7, 2012
OK hi community, a have a bit of a problem
I have a : Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU E3300 @ 2.50GHz and i want to play games like battle field 3 and CIV 5.....when i run this online thing to see if i can run these games it says I need a 2 GHz DUAL CORE (Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz) for Battlefield 3, but it also say that my processor speed is enough so can i run this game decently on my current CPU or do i need an upgrade



You need an upgrade. There are a lot of new games apart from BF3 that you can play so an upgrade will be worth it.
It might have no clue what socket type it is. However, if you have that old crappy CPU, im gona guess that the rest of your system is old as well. Upgrading the CPU isnt the only thing youll need to do in order to play BF3. BF3 is one of, if not the roughest on your rig right now, graphics wise and multiplayer wise. So if the rest of your PC is as outdated as your CPU, the CPU wont be enough.
Your CPU might meet the game's minimum system requirements. However, minimum requirements are just that, the bare minimum needed to run the game. The game might start up, but you will only just barely achieve playable framerates on the lowest possible settings.

Civ5 and Battlefield 3 in particular are known to be more CPU heavy than a lot of other games, so a CPU that barely meets the minimum spec will hurt performance a lot more. BF3 in the larger multiplayer maps pretty much requires a quad core CPU to maintain acceptable framerates. If you have a stronger graphics card, that graphics card will be held back by a slower CPU, resulting in poor performance.

Check your motherboard's CPU support list and see what your upgrade options are. At the very least you would want to get a Core 2 Duo clocked around 3GHz. If at all possible look into getting a Core 2 Quad. If the CPU support on your motherboard is terrible, or you can't find the CPUs for a reasonable price, consider a new build altogether. LGA775 is a dead socket, so it doesn't make much sense to pour a lot of money into it at this point.

EDIT: For example, $182 is way too much for an E8200 dual core. For that price you could get a Core i5 2300 or 3450 maybe, which are much faster quad core CPUs. You would need new RAM and a new motherboard to go that route, but it is a much bigger upgrade than moving up to a faster dual core that's already getting dated.
The good news is your board seems to support pretty much the entire Core 2 lineup, so you do have lots of upgrade options. If you can't afford a new build, shop around and look for a new CPU. I wouldn't drop more than $200 on a CPU though, and even then I'd only spend around $200 if it was a fairly fast quad core.

As the CPU support list says, be sure to update your BIOS to the latest version, before upgrading, as you may need a newer BIOS version to support a new CPU.

The Greater Good

Jan 14, 2010

No. The CPU in the link is LGA1155. If you're going to spend money on a quad core for your LGA 775 MB, you might want to think about a new Z77 MB and at least a core i3 2100. It would work out to about the same price as a new Q6600, but the i3 smokes it games and lightly threaded programs.