Question I am anxious to see what "partner cards" do in reference to size with 3000

Like everyone else I am super stoked about the performance we are to expect, particularly out of step with the ridiculous pricing 2000 cards had. What I was not so excited about is how large these cards are. Given the size and considering the power consumption that we think we should expect this pretty much killed the idea of Mini ITX case based high performance gaming rigs.

I am hoping that the partner cards will come out with items that follow the same size parameters as previous "full sized" cards were. I don't relish the idea of having an ATX tower beside the entertainment center in the living room.
^ I think it would be more fair to say there are small cases that the card will fit, not that it will fit in small cases.
My current ITX build has a 1080 full size shoe horned in. Unless this big card comes as a mini, there is no chance for that one. Thinking heat in that particular build would be a bigger specter, but anyway.