I am dying to see the next gen of cards released


Jun 24, 2003
Am I the only one who thinks the release schedule has dramatically slowed recently? I remember back in June wondering when the next gen of cards would be released. I am still using my GF3Ti200 and would like to upgrade, but see little reason to. I can only guess that the card makers arent releasing better cards since the software isnt on the same pace?


Jun 5, 2003
I was pretty disappointed with ATI's last line of cards. Don't get me wrong, they totally own everything else on the market and I could really use one myself, but the thing is that the XT line was meant specifically for Half-Life 2, they even include a coupon for it with the card, but HL2 doesn't come out for another 4 months! By then ATI and Nvidia will have a completely new line of cards and the people who bought the 9600XT and 9800XT are going to have some serious buyer's remorse.
I'm running a Radeon 8500LE 128 which is still a decent card after 2 years, but a 9800pro is looking pretty good right now. The problem is that I'm sure I'll be kicking myself once I buy it cause a month later the next generation of cards is going to come by and blow it away. Just thinking about PCI express sends shivers down my spine.


Don't upgrade until the game you want to play is released. People that bought a card specifically to play a game that isn't even released didn't make a very good decision.

Once they postponed HL2 till April I returned my 9800Pro. They haven't dropped prices since then either. The market is stagnant in anticipation of all these new games about to be released.

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Jun 24, 2003
<i>If you do actually die as a result of waiting, can I be in your will?</i>

Don't hold your breath :)

I went ahead and bought a PIV 2.4c in July and have it running at around 2.9ghz, so I am eager to get an appropriate video card. 9800pro is nice, but it would only make current games run even faster than they already do. I might just wait until the next line come out and get the lower end version of a new one or perhaps the price reduced 9800pro.


This pathetic humor is killing me.


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Sep 24, 2001
DH, you continue to breathe a breath (?) of fresh air into this forum with common sense.
Im also selling my 9800 (pro) :tongue: . I have to agree, I bought in anticipation of HL2, which I thought was imminent.
Stupid stupid stupid. I will only in the future buy AFTER the game is released!

I'm picking up a 4200, which is a great backup card for the future and great all rounders. I'll probably buy a new card when HL2 AND Doom3 is released.

I'm actually more concerned with Doom3 performance because you know it will probably be the engine everyone builds their games off of for years.

Look at Call of Duty, best FPS IMO and Quake3Team Arena based. No real reason besides AA/AF (which I dont even use) to have a 9800 for that.

Plus I enjoy older games usually more than newer games. I troll around Home of the Underdogs looking for games that I used to play as a lad.
And one of my favorite games is Majesty (a 2D RTS), between that, and a little Simpsons Hit and Run... its all nothing that a GF4 cant handle brilliantly with power to spare.
I have been known to load up a little Space Quest once in a while... you dont know what [-peep-] feels like till you pay $300 on a video card and end up playing some 18 year old DOS game.
But thats what its like being an old-timer like myself!

Before I went from my GF3 to the radeon I was always impressed with the staying power of that card.
But I'm an NV man, I think they are very stable, efficient cards. Im convinced they are snappier in windows than ATI, seem to make my system respond a little better at least.

Ok enough rambling, toodles. :smile:

I just tell it like it is and some can't handle it. If your experience is different, well congratu-fukulation.


Jan 16, 2003
Pissed HL2 will come out only in 4 months? How do you think ATI feels? That game's supposed to boost graphics cards sales cause you need like a super friggin computer to play it. instead of the voucher you were supposed to get the game, but since it wasn't released when the XTs were (even theough it was supposed to be), you only get a voucher, which although is worth the same, it is a whole lot less cool.

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Feb 24, 2002
You have a 9800 np with a pro bios kinney. And expect to see just as many big releases on the hl2 engine as the doom 3 engine, its actually a much better and cooler engine, and cheaper too. Developers would be idiots not to use it.

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