Question I am having FPS drops in almost every game i have is there any way to fix this?

Nov 18, 2021
My specs are
-Core i9 9900K
-32 Gigs of RAM
-9 TB Hard Drive

I mainly play fortnite, The Forest, Astroneer, Minecraft in every game i get huge fps drops i used to never have fps drops but a few months ago it started and i dont know why
i keep my computer cool i have updated my drivers and i even tried rolling back the drivers too but nothing works. i have a 165 Hz monitor. I see Youtubers running a RTX 2080 Super on a 144hz monitor and a 165hz monitor sometimes and they get perfect frames of over 200 and they stay fluent while mine just goes to <Mod Edit>. my temperature in game is a safe temperature of 40C. I just dont know what to do i have tried going to nvidia support they didnt help at all. If someone here can somehow help me out trhat would be greatly appreciated!
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PSU make and model?

Have you tried DDU? If not, you are advised to do so, in safe mode, following this guide:

What OS are you running and do you have the latest updates?