Question I am having problems with GTA V, please help!

Mar 8, 2020
So I recently download GTA V from epic games store and I installed it's social club and R* game launcher and it installed it's VC Redist, but then after I launched the game it worked fine for the first 10 mins at the north yankton introduction mission, right after I completed it the game instantly exited to desktop unexpectedly, but the save folder was created so I replaced it with my old save folder (I played the game before on my old PC) at documents, the game launched up, but first I noticed that I couldn't move my camera and couldn't make my char (Micheal) go left or right, then I decided to press esc to open the menu but it gave me an infinite loading screen (Which is a spinning white circle in the middle with the screen blurred) so I task manager-ed my way out of the game and re-launched it, This time I spawned in a different location and I was able to control my char, but after 2 mins of playing the game froze then both AMD Radeon software and rainmeter gave me the "memory could not be read" error

So at that moment I doubted what was happening, I launched up heaven benchmark at extreme preset through all the 26 scenes and it ran fine without any flickers or freezes or errors, then I decided to AIDA64 stress-test for the memory for 1 hour straight and the PC didn't crash or freeze

So why is this happening? please help!

My PC specs:
-i5 4590
-8 GB RAM Dual channel 1600 MHz
-XFX Radeon RX 570 4 GB
Software: AMD Radeon software 20.4.1 and Windows 10 Pro 64 bit version 1909