I am looking for a certain type of mouse


Apr 28, 2012
My friend had this mouse and I am currently looking for a similar one. The mouse was 3 buttoned and had a blue lit scrolling wheel. The scrolling wheel was rectangular and didn't "scroll" you basically just put some force on the scrolling wheel pushing up and it would scroll up, and the same thing for scrolling down. But the thing that made it so unique and useful was you didn't have to keep putting your finger at the back to keep scrolling you held it down and it scrolled. I was just wondering if anyone knew where to get this type of mouse, what its called, what company makes them. Any information would be incredible. Thank you :)


many mice have simular functionality. say you're on a web page, press int he scroll wheel button (click) and then when you move the mouse down a little the page will scroll down slowly, move it down further and it will scroll faster, move it up to scroll up, left to scroll left.... you get the idea. The best part, once you have set the scroll speed - it will continue to scroll at that speed without moving the mouse. Move the mousewheel cancels the autoscrolling.