I am looking How to update for Hp printer security issue??

Sep 12, 2018
I have use Hp printer, but suddenly few days ago i find that it is going stuck when i try to print something on it,I did not know how to fix this problem, after that i go to << questionable link removed by moderator>>

they told me that i did not upgrade my printer security that why i face this problem?But i want to know from those who actual face this problem and how they sort out this issue?


Aug 20, 2018
To fix the security issue, you have to update the printer firmware. There are two ways of updating the firmware. One is updating directly from the printer, and the other is from the printer’s website. To update directly from the printer, connect it to a network connection. Touch the HP ePrint icon on your printer. Go to Settings and select Product Update. Follow the instructions on the screen and enable the Web services. Agree to the terms and conditions and update the firmware. To update from the website, go to the printer’s website. Tap on the Printer option and type your printer model name. Click Submit. The screen displays a default operating system of your computer or laptop. If you want to change the OS, click Change. Select the version of your OS. Tap on Firmware and click Download. Save the downloaded file in the destination folder. Open the file and start the installation process. Check the printer serial number. Click Update and fix the issue. If the number displays with status as Not Applicable, you do not need to update the firmware. So, click Cancel.

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