I am new to AMD; currently overclocking cpu, ram, settings and somthing is throttling my entire system


Jun 9, 2015
ok so i had a I7 3770k and broke it trying to delidded it and chipped the PCB. long story short it a 1x1 inch 300$ useless POSilicone.
had a friend, thank god, give me his old AMD system for 100 bucks "yeah", now system is literally only half as fast "grr" but i have a working PC for now on the fly and for cheap nough said.

System I currently have:
CPU: AMD FX 6300 (unlocked)
MoBo: Gigabyte GA990FXA- ud3 (rev1.0) (can't help it for 100$w/cpu I ain't complaining)
RAM:G-skill 2133, trident 16gb, Timing 9-11-11-31, 1.65v (from my intel system)
COOLER: Noctua NH-U12S in push pull config.
PSU:Thermaltake TR2 TR-600 600W (all voltages seem fine according to hardware monitor)
fractal tower. Two x 140mm in 1x120mm out = positive pressure keeps dust out (7V)
GPU: MSI 660TI nvidia x 1
GELID's GC-Extreme thermal compound

specs down, i can't do anything about the rev 1.0 of my board, however before i installed it, i read up on, so i guess it gets hot.. in that case before install took the NB cooler off cleaned it and applied GELID's GC-Extreme thermal compound (btw is the compound i use everywhere cpu, gpu, NB, SB,..) additionally a took a small 2 inch fan and screwed it to the fin of the cooler and put the cooler back on, so really hope that any overheating will be solved. its a 990chip can't be that bad....and my PSU should be fine as well; if it blows up that'll be a problem ill deal with when it happens.

Windows, not oc'ed hwmonitor says 16C package temp(which sounds really low) idel.
hw monitor also has 3 other "temps"1,2,3 and they are around 25,30 and 35C respectively
room temp is 27C.
so under load intel burn test
stock btw:3500mhz, package 35 T1-3 , 29,29,pending 41-45 depending. FULL LOADx6 max temps; 1.408V secs:471.08
now overclock with catlyst:
4000mhz:4000mhz, package 37 T1-3 , 29,31,pendingT3 41-45 depending. FULL LOADx6 max temps; 1.408V secs:390.~80
4200mhz:4200mhz, package 39 T1-3 , 29,35,pendingT3 43-47 depending. FULL LOADx6 max temps; 1.408V secs:369.~21
4400mhz:4400mhz, package 41 T1-3 , 29,35,pendingT3 45-49 depending. FULL LOADx6 max temps; 1.408V secs:361.~10
4600mhz:4600mhz, package 44 T1-3 , 29,36,pendingT3 46-51 depending. FULL LOADx6 max temps; 1.465V secs:350.~9
4700= crash

1st i dont know what temps to watch, non of them seem high, actually they seem low.. rule of thumb if in doubt take the highest temp and just go with it. but 51 leaves me technically with so much more room only rised my V by like 0.05 so.. am i missing something?

2nd, so i overclocked it, turned turbo off, now is this going to constantly be over clocked @ 4500 say if i decided to leave it like that? cause im like gone 8 hours a day would rather it clock down . like speed-step when not in use( i know intel blah,) but is there maybe a prog that can do that?

3rd now overclocked took mY cpu from from 471 sec to perform ITBT to 390 shaving off 80secs now as i went up (+500 agian)as you can see an additional it is not scaling very well at all. does it help me to go up more if its not adding more speed (in this case faster calculations) what would i have to do to shave another 80sec off? it seems like something is throttling, even though i turn everything off (turbo, C1, throttle if too hot, all that stuff that is suppodt to save you money or keep it quite OFF) i use CPU-Z id to monitor mhz and multi. its not jumping around or anything and V is nice and constant.

4thi would be fine with the speed if it would turbo to 4100 by itself but it never does it goes to 3800, not 4100 why not? why is it stoping at 3800?? driving me nuts! can i skip a step and turn off the 3800 go directly to 4100? cause im either gaming where i need the power or im watchin TV or surfing where i could care less if 1700 3500 or 3800 cause for opening a word document i dont need a 300 mhz, think its retarded. sry .. rant. less steps more action!

5th i cant get my ram set right for the life of me this MB is said to do 2000 oc RAM now bring it! im trucking along at 1333 that's like going 30 on a highway i want at least the 2000 but if i even look at a ram setting funny the pc wont start and back resetting my whole bios cause i gotta do clear_cmos. please help xmp profiles don't work (i have 2 XMP, and 2 regular one non work) if i could set it my self i would but when i take the data that they most def can run and input manually then it reboots and says OC failed, returned to normal. please help.

6th i was really really hopeful and looking forward to the AMD system, and looked up all there was to know before i even got it, now i have oc'ed my last athlon XP 3200 from way in the day and and that gigabyte board and 3200xp still runs like butter( i remember had to unlock it by taking a wire and wrapping it around the two pins in the corner) Ive over clocked Intel all day long easy. now i cant not find a concrete answer to how to clock a fx6300 this thing aint a bulldozer there is a guide about a 8 core bulldozer thats decent read it dosent help me. not same cpu dif architecture and heat and mx Temps dont apply the same.

7th something is throtiling my 660ti dont know what but fps are so not the same any more.

does anyone with this board have a clue how to overclock this thing manually, and what are the limits HT limits can i go above 2600 or is that like a "no go",
the ram if set with XMP will the board will set clock at like 220x9.33 can this board do that?(it dosent boot so im just wondering)
is there like a FSB limit like in the old days where FSB and RAM where linked and would only go to 200max.
is the system more stable if there is say ht2600 and 200 or does it matter?
is it best to have max ht in order to have max transfer-rate or can you bump transfer rate up speratly?
how many diff multipliers are there so far i see one for ram and 1 for CPU are they linked or do they influence each other in any way? is there another one.

please please please help i want to support AMD im from Germany i think the company is great but i also want to up grade, should i call it a day and save money and go back to Intel, or should i wait for new cpu's from AMD and hope they will get better? i don't want to invest anymore money until im sure i can reach the goal of at least being on par with a i5, and it should be possible with this setup in my opinion unless im missing something, eg what would a ud7 offer in advantage to my ud3 besides perks like more usb3 and sata or im never going to run 4x sli so i could care less. but on paper a 99fx is a 99fx so if an upgrade is an advantage then how so ?

optimize optimize,optimize .... thank you in advance if you need more info just ask.



Jun 9, 2015
[quotemsg=16023183,0,1688953]take off the back of the computer case. touch behind the vrm. if you cant hold your finger on it your board might be overheating which would cause throttling.[/quotemsg]


just did, there is nothing hot enough to burn me in there, plus there is a Push -pull config on the cpu with exhust right out the back (3 Fans) plus one 2 inch on NB thing aint hot.