I am not able to download wifi driver for my window 7 and 32 os

Sep 24, 2018
I am facing so many problems as... I have installed window 7 of 32 bit in my HP laptop model no. 15-d009TU...
And also so many other drivers like usb port... And brightness keys are not working
why not windows 10 that has all the drivers in it? better os in every respect as well. hp doesn't even have win7 drivers. and if you can, use a 64 bit os

your HP came with Win10 preinstalled for crying out loud. 64 bit, so just install win10 and it will activate automatically for you as your license for win10 is built into the laptop

you can use the Media Creation Tool to create a bootable USB drive and clean install Win10

here is HPs site for your laptop drivers

For some reason that laptop only has 64 bit drivers so unless you install a 64 bit version of windows you are out of luck. Seeing as it's a really weak laptop I recommend you run a version of linux if you want smooth webbrowsing and whatnot.



The 15-D009TU came with a Pentium N3510 from 2014? Almost certainly didn't ship with Windows10.
8/8.1, probably.

Drivers do exist for W10, but drivers are also provided for W7. With 2GB DDR3, I can't imagine either OS is going to be the best experience, but W10 (at least theoretically) has a smaller footprint & should run a little better....

A laptop of that caliber will almost certainly run a little better on a lightweight Linux distro.
The problem is, it's added complexity is not for everyone.

It's not necessarily an absurd suggestion. A little premature though, as a clean W10 install should be sufficient.
The 2GB of RAM and 5400rpm drive isn't going to do the system any favours though.
well, if he really likes linux, that should work as well, but I would not steer a windows user to linux normally. the change can be too drastic for most users without education of linux first or after the install by someone knowledgeable.