Question I am playing gta 5 online through my mobile data but i get a notification that my nat type is strict!!

Feb 6, 2019
So i bought gta 5 yesterday and when i connect with my friend in online it lags like crazy. I recieved a notification saying my NAT type is strict because of which my game is lagging.
So how to solve it??
Any help will be appreciated.
Note:- i play through mobile data hotspot not a router
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The lag is a problem with the technology. You need very strong signal and on a tower that is not contested with lots of other people trying to use it. Try it late at night and see if it works better.

The strict NAT you are likely stuck with. The carrier likely assigns you a private IP and then shares a public IP pool between many users. There is a shortage of ip addresses and in general cell phone users do not actually need a public IP address. Your case is not really the designed use but they may offer public ip....for a extra cost of course.
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