I am poor and need help building an OK pc that can run Overwatch

May 5, 2018
Howdy friends,
I am a perpetually broke person in need of help building a decent gaming pc that will be able to run Overwatch at a playable fps on low settings. My budget is $200~230 which is terrible, I know, but that's the best I can do. I have no idea how to build a computer.

I don't need anything insane, just something that'd work alright.
I prefer to use a prebuilt pc but I don't know if I could find one for a decent price. I found a HP Pro 6300 SFF with an Intel core i3-3220 CPU and 4gbs ram for $111.99 (it's on sale. norm is 166.98). I thought it'd be decent as it has the minimum required CPU and 4gbs ram should be good enough, but I'm afraid the power supply that I'd need for a proper graphics card would be too big for it. As I stated before, I have zero knowledge when it comes to building PCs so I'm just as good as an infant right about now. I have literally never touched Craigslist in my life. I'm expecting someone to respond by telling me that nothing will work and I am a peasant that should invest $1000+ into a PC. That may be true, however I cannot afford to do that at this time or any time soon.

My current computer is nowhere near good enough to run the game. It is very laggy but I am able to play Paladins, Elsword, and TF2 decently. I have also been able to run DmC: Devil May Cry. I could play but the fps was pretty bad.
It's a HP Compaq 4000 Pro SFF with a Pentium Dual-Core CPU (E6600) and 4 gbs ram installed. I've had it since around 2015. I was thinking that if I cannot build a new computer I could replace the CPU and add a dedicated graphics card + suitable power supply to this one, however the power supply fitting inside the case problem still remains as I believe the power supply is only 240w so it'll need replacing.
My current monitor's display is 1600x900. I'm not sure if that's too important, but every little bit helps I suppose.

I do not expect much out of what I might be able to get, I don't even expect the game to run with 40 fps on Medium settings. I am willing to sacrifice graphics to have a playable game.

Overwatch minimum system requirements



4th-gen i7 is still kind of pricey; I don't think you can find one that cheap.

I'd look for a 2nd-gen i5-2xxx system, and add a GTX 1050.

*See link to Dell system on PCPartPicker list link.

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

Video Card: EVGA - GeForce GTX 1050 2GB ACX 2.0 Video Card ($139.99 @ B&H)
Other: Dell Optiplex 790 MT Core i5-2400 8GB Windows 10 Pro ($149.99)
Total: $289.98
Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
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May 5, 2018

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