Question I am searching for the name of an old game

Mar 18, 2023

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If you pass by, I am searching for a game of my childhood, I was playing it in 2000-2005 on PC
It was a game like Gaunlet. I remember there was a hard mode where you lose hp constantly.
There was at least a rogue, warrior and mage class. You have 999hp ( or perhaps 9999 hp)
I remember the first boss is a spider
There is a dragon boss
There are secret rooms. If you go to a corner, sometimes there is a secret room. The character turn on himslef and he is tp to the secret room

Thank you for your time :)
From your description that sounds like an old RPG game, or a dungeon crawler action RPG. There are many similar games based on your description which you have given, so it's hard to say exactly which PC game it would be.

Do you have any more clues, hints ? What was the game's developer and/or publisher's name ? There was even a first-person shooter game similar to this, like the good old HEXEN, HERETIC, just to name a few.

You sure it was an RPG, and not any shooter ? Was it a top-down isometric RPG more like ? Let me think..... :unsure:
Mar 18, 2023
We can see the character from above in the game so it's not like Hexen or heretic.
When I saw images of the game Gaunlet by chance, it made me remeber the game I am searching for.

The only thing I remember is that the final powerup of the archer are really big big arrows^^
And the warrior throw axe
there is no really melee combat in this game
Thank you for your answer

I had little hope from the beginning to find it^^
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