I am soo confused about this build with this cpu !


Nov 9, 2018
my pc that i am building :

i7 8700 or i7 8068k or i9 9900k !

16gb ram



rtx 2070 ..

i am playing games from all the types, i dont really need 144hz on everygame, but yes i need for some games like fortnite pubg and fps games.. but for the others i need 80 90 fps !
its my first build, so i think how more is it worth my money, so the issue is :

first of all, my pc is just for gaming not work, no render. but also why not to download some Photoshop to try something ( habits )

i putted the i7 8700 in my list, but after a while i said to myself, i will pay too much i still dot have the sweetspot or the perfect components to my budget ( my budget what i builded now even more , but nvm because i am getting something "worth" .

so the problem started when i started to say i can add more 133$ and i will get it 8086k for future proof also i have the Z and a decent cooler.. and then i said another 133$ to i9 9900k . ( do i really need i9 9900k ? i dont think so , yes its future proof to my games , but is it worth the 266$ ?? why? )

so i am stucking now..

*** something i need you to consider:
i know that the Z chip is for OC and my cpu is not oc .

i know that games dont dont actually need a cpu like how they need gpu .

i7 8700k not in stock ( otherwise i listed it )

my monitor full hd 144hz .

how worth is the 133$ to the i7 8068k ! and another 133$ for i9 9900k ..

i dont need to pay for all this build and say to myself , sh**t i had to pay on thos cpu or something like that!

please help me , sorry for my bad english.


Question from abodeking1 : "I am soo confusing about this build with this cpu !"

What is your budget?

I5-9600K will game just about as well as anything. I7-9700K will game better than a i7-8700K
The K suffix and a z390 motherboard gives you the ability to overclock.
You will leave some 30% performance on the table by not using it like it was built to do.

For a lesser budget, i5-8400 is very good, but if you are looking at rtx2070, I would go stronger on the cpu.

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