I am Tired from searching to find the best headset


Oct 5, 2012
i am sorry about the title and i am sorry for my bad English i hope you dont find any Troubles . i have been looking for a headset for the last month and i am really tired . first i want to buy a headset for gaming for the pc and the xbox and the ps3 if it's possible to find it in one headset and an other one for listening to music and watching blu ray movies and if it's possible to find a headset that includes the Possibility to work perfectly to the gaming and music and movies . it will be great .
it is not Important to be wireless or wired it just does not matter for me . the top Priority for me is the sound .
and that brings me to the stereo sound versus the true 5.1 surround sound .how wins i am really tried from looking all over the internet to find the answer should i have a 5.1 true surround sound or should i buy a virtual 7.1 surround sound or should i buy a good stereo one i really i am failed to know the answer . i am able to buy two headsets it the one is not Enough to the gaming , music and the movies . and what should i buy what company razer vs astro vs tritton vs turtlebeach vs other . i hope any one can help me . i liked the tritton pro plus tell me if it is good or not i want the best by the way the bluray movies that i see is dts only not dts hd . thanks for your answering and when you tell me any kind of headset tell me the Disadvantages and advantages for having his headset.


Mar 28, 2012
I would recommend getting a sound card and headphone solution for the pc. Headsets are generally very overpriced for what you're getting. They're normally low quality headphones with a mic attached. Get some decent headphones, buy a mic separately, and voila you have a better gaming "headset" than anything made by turtle beach, tritton, astro, etc.