[SOLVED] I am trying to set up a mac os kvm in linux mint 20.2! So far i have got the kvm installed and the os but im trying to do a gpu passthrough!

Jul 26, 2021
The reason for it is because i need a mac for college! but i unfortuanly am one of those who at the moment dosen't have enough money for a mac. so im trying to do the kvm method. i've got a pretty decent average gaming pc. my specs are listed down below
Dell Optiplex 390 Minitower PC
RAM 8gb
Processor Intel Core i5-2400 4 cores CPU
HDD 250gb
OS Linux Mint 20.2 Uma (Latest version at the moment!)
GPU MSI Geforce GT 730 4gb ddr3
You have two problems:
  • your PC is far from powerful. On top of that, MacOS is very picky on what hardware it runs (it MUST be Apple hardware);
  • There is no legal way to obtain MacOS and use it inside a virtual environment.
There are web sites devoted to running MacOS on x86 CPUs.