Question I am working on a Dell t1700 sff. Lots of weird connectors. Need help

Dec 30, 2019
So, I am working on getting a Dell t1700 sff into a new case so that it looks a lot better.
I've managed to find out how I can turn on the pc with the power button. But the front panel connectors are kinda weird.
So for front panel audio, instead of having the standard one, it has 1 row of 6 pins on the bottom and 5 at the top. And the top right pin is not there. That is why it has 5 pins in the top row. So I am trying to find out if there is any kind of adapter or anything like that, but so far I did not have any luck. So I am hoping you guys know anything about this connector and know how I can find anything that will let me use the standard hd audio cable from the case.

Thanks in advance

Front panel audio View:


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Is this the current Dell SSF that you are moving to a new case?

New case: make and model?

Refer to the applicable Dell T1700 motherboard User Guide/Manual regarding connections/connectors.

I found the following manual - do verify that the manual is a correct match:

Physically numbered pages 27 & 28 show the audio port - no pinouts noted.

Likely the manual will refer you to Dell's website for more information and details. Do so as there can be changes that are not necessarily in the User Guide/Manual.

Read the new case manual as well. Map the pinouts between motherboard and case connections.

You must be very careful about mapping pins, using adapters etc. A pin mismatch may not end well.