Question I am working on upgrading my pc and need your help

Sep 23, 2020
PC MODEL : HP 22 All-in-One 22-c0073w PC

Background : It's a all in one that I got last year. I've been meaning to upgrade the all in one since I code and it's pretty slow so I decided why not upgrade the ram and change the HDD to a SSD. The screen broke when I was opening up the computer I don't think I popped it off correctly. I searched up the cost to get a new screen and it was very pricey nearly 75% of the cost of the computer. I've recently seen some tutorials on YouTube about transforming a laptop into a all in one or a laptop into a desktop. I decided to do that, but I want to change the all in one into a desktop so I can repair and modify it more easily. I ran into an issue.

Problem : I wanted to run the computer whilst it wasn't connected to the display screen to see if it would book, so I disconnected the LVDS connector and this other small wire (I think it was power) in the motherboard. I tried to boot it but it wouldn't boot up, the power light just kept blinking. Then I connected the monitor power wire back into the motherboard and the computer booted up (connected to an external monitor). I was thinking is there any way to get rid of this problem and boot the computer up without the display screen or am I stuck using it with the display screen all the time?

Also, I got into computers recently and I don't know a lot so I thank you in advance for your input and advice, I really appreciate it.
Sep 23, 2020
Firstly, why not build a PC? Forget about AIOS.

And what's your budget, maybe I can help you suggest some parts? And what are you gonna utilize your Pc for, Editing, Gaming, working or..?
Aug 22, 2020
All-In-ones are bad. Not only because they generate a hella ton of heat but because the cooling on them is terrible. Its like a dust and heat trap. Just get a pre built desktop or build your own.