Question I believe Easy Anti Cheat is causing my M.2 NVME drive to disappear when loading games.

Jun 13, 2022
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Hello all. It's hard to say whether or not I should put this here or in Software but here we go. I am hoping I can find other people with this very frustrating issue. It's happening to a friend of mine as well.

What's happening:
When I load up a game that uses Easy Anti Cheat such as Apex or Hunt Showdown, the games lock up, typically on the load screen or soon after I start interacting with the UI.
I have to force quit the game and then if I go into the finder, the NvME drive that I have the games on either disappears from windows or files in the drive are inaccessible. I have to restart in order to use the drive again.
Things I've tried to resolve this issue:
  • Update Bios
  • Purchased new NVME drive. Went from Gen 3 Drive to a Gen 4 drive (WD850) in the Gen 4 slot
  • That Gen 3 drive is working just fine as a boot drive.
  • Tried other games not using EAC and they work perfectly
  • Updated Drive firmware
  • Ran a drive test in BIOS. Came out perfect
  • Updated Drive Firmware
The max temp on the Drive is typical around 47c
If someone has run into this problem and found a solution I would love to hear it. I am fairly certain it's EAC at this point and not a hardware issue. This is also happening to a friend of mine who has a different motherboard and a Samsung drive instead of an WD Drive.
Here is my user bench
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