Question I bought 3 new high-end Static Pressure Case Fans, should I make them pushing air into radiator or pulling?


Mar 17, 2016
Hello all, I have a 9900k and I currently have this 360mm AIO liquid cooler:

I have a huge PC case that can fit 3 more fans on the other side of the AIO radiator so I decided to buy this Static Pressure Fan x3:

Currently, I have my AIO fans set up like this:

>>>>[3 Enermax Stock Fans]>>>(Pushing Air Flow Through Radiator)>>> [360mm Radiator] >>>
I want you guys' opinions on which set up is better because I am trying to make a push/pull configuration with the 3 new Noctua fans, Either:

A) >>>>>[3 Enermax Stock Fans]>>>(Pushing Air Flow Through Radiator)>>> [360mm Radiator] >>> [3 Noctua Static Pressure Fans] >>>(Pulling Air Flow Through Radiator) >>>


B) >>>>>[3 Noctua Static Pressure Fans]>>>(Pushing Air Flow Through Radiator)>>> [360mm Radiator] >>> [3 Enermax Stock Fans] >>>(Pulling Air Flow Through Radiator) >>>

So basically, I am asking which brand should do the pushing and which brand should do the pulling for lower CPU temperatures. Should the Noctua Fans be pushing air into the radiator because its more high-end/expensive?


You DO NOT want to put fans on the back of that AIO in pull configuration UNLESS they have a higher CFM than the ones pushing. Even though there is some amount of back pressure that will limit how much CFM the front fans can push through the radiator, you will still be creating a restriction. You either want identical fans on the back in the pull position (Applies to any radiator or heatsink when using a push pull configuration) or fans with a higher overall CFM so that the fans are not creating an additional restriction for the push fans.

You also do not want, do not need, high static pressure fans on ANY device, in if they are in the pull position or are exhaust fans. Fans that are in the pull position (Assuming there are enough exhaust fans to maintain either a negative or equal internal case pressure) or are being used for exhaust fans do not have a need for high static pressure because they are generally not going to need to overcome the resistance that a push fan trying to force air through a radiator would.

Use the Enermax fans for exhaust and put Noctua's on both sides of the radiator. If you REALLY want to crank up the performance on your radiator, put the Noctua iPPC 2000rpm industrial PWM fans on both sides if going with 140mm fans, but since you are using a 360mm radiator I'll assume you have three 120mm fans on there. Probably you don't even need fans on both sides. Three of these would be particularly effective on the front.

Best 120mm enthusiast grade fans on the market IMO.
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