Question I bought a new PSU, it did not work. Now it happened again.

Feb 10, 2020
I recently bought a Kolink Enclave 80+ gold (600W). I installed it and absolutely nothing. Not even the fans connected by molex were turned on. Every single connection was checked at least 10 times, and when i plugged my old psu back, voila, it works. I sent the broken psu back, and i got a new one again. Also, i would have NOT received any refund, if the psu actually worked that i sent back. Now with my hopes up that the same model, same everything, is plugged in again and NOTHING again. I am confused if i broke something or not on both occasions. So please, let me know if its my fault, or the manufacturers fault. Also to add, i waited a month for the psu to even get goung from the manufacturer itself.

And yes, i bought it from a trusted dealer here in Finland.

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It's a trap!
That PSU while a normally unknown brand in much of the world has reviewed well, it SHOULD be fine.

How old is the hardware you are powering? Are you sure you flipped the switch on the back of the PSU?

If so try the paperclip test, plug in the PSU not connected to anything on the system and use a paperclip in the 24 pin connector to ground out the GREEN wire to the black wire next to it (pins 15 and 16). See if it turns on.