Question I bought a RTX 3080 from leadtek and I have a few question.

Jan 12, 2021
I bought this WinFast RTX 3080 HURRUCANE model from Leadtek on december practically a unicorn to find in my country which is sweet and probably the cheapest ever deal on the current market markup prices. so

  1. Does western folks familiar with Leadtek company? what is it known for?
  2. is it normal for any gpu to have a max 3550 rpm fan? like the name suggested, it really loud like a hurricane at max speed lol
  3. Despite it has triple fan setup, temp is somewhat underwhelming. is it normal to reach 81c on stress test? (rdr2 4k max temp about 76c)
I find little to none review from any website or tech youtuber so if you ask me tldr
-its cheap (in my country anyway which doesnt follow mytical 699usd mspr). nvidia specifically said on email newsletter msrp for my country is around 875usd months ago. I got this model for 920usd from online market place riddle with scalper and scummy reseller which on average sell 3080 1000usd+ some reach 1200usd.
-its base on standard founder pcb (I think?). it got two of the more quality mlcc caps like the founder so leadtek didnt cheap out.
-annoying rgb cannot be turn off.
-long boi (323mm in length).
-the fan shroud is kinda ugly, not for aesthetic build. don't bother using riser.

regardless I am still pretty happy with this card, I hope it would last a long time. I would like a second opinion about this card because literally its a unicorn

ps: I am from Indonesia