Question I bought an used EVGA 3090

Jun 6, 2023
Hi, I bought a EVGA 3090 on ebay and card looks okish but my concern is about some thermal paste around some components. I've been looking some stock photos of the card and they don't look like this one. Does it mean this card has been opened and tampered? Temps are usually 48 53 when idle and 78 80 when gaming. Thanks.

not sure exactly how eBay does it but most places require 3rd party sellers to include the state of the product; new, used, open-box, refurbished, etc.
contact eBay directly or read their information pages to determine the status there.

if this item is listed as a new unopened product and you received otherwise then contact the seller and eBay directly and request a return/refund.

i've seen these cards in person and you can find many images of these cards being advertised and shown off by customers and none of them show globs of paste like your included image does.

maybe go to a local store that carries them, explain your situation, and ask them to allow you to see any they have available or out on display for a closer look & comparison.