Question I bought expensive RAM- now I kinda feel like I wasted my money ? (I checked around - no solid answers).

Jun 1, 2021
I had 16GB of 3000cl15 for a long time. This was paired with a Ryzen 3600 (a decent match). I decided to get into the wonderful world of ram timings and spent literal weeks of my life searching for nanoseconds of latency that I could shave off. Eventually, I determined my ram wasn’t cut out for great numbers and decided to splurge on some 3733cl14 which is… much better. Problem solved. But no.

The problem is- after getting my latency to sub 60ns and feequency speeds up to Ryzen peaks.

I’m almost sure that my system performs better when I just run all 32gB and clock DOWN to the 3000cl15 specs. The latency is much higher- the read write times suffer too. But that’s in benchmarking. In gaming and just (what feels like) everyday use (I.e. Call of Duty uses up literally 16 GB by itself) it seems better! Not to mention the whole Nvidia Resizeable BAR thing- I’m just guessing here but - I assume it’s loving the access to more “superfast”

Does anyone have any words of wisdom here like “you’re F’ing up here:___” (note: I know I’m not going to be gaining any significant performance from the ram speeds. Please don’t dive into that.) I just want to know if I genuinely wasted cash on high performance stuff- because 32GB is just THAT much better(??) than 16GB and buying some 3000mhz hyjinx would have been Just as good as BDie- for a way better price.

Sorry if it sounds like a stupid question (kinda feels like I already know the answer- but this wouldn’t. Be the first time I’ve gained huge insight from voicing my confused frustration about my system- so, thanks in advance!