I can’t remember the name of a game or some characters, would anyone be able to help please?

Jan 20, 2019
I am looking to find a game I played either late primary school or early High school. It was definitely a ps2 game as far as I can remember. I thought the main character was called Ethan? I am not sure, he wore sort a future looking outfit I think, he may have had ginger hair and had a little sister but I don’t remember her name either. There was something about their parents which I can’t remember. There was a lot of fighting monsters in the game and were robot things but I think alien looking plant things which I think were seed or something gamma maybe? He worked in this team and fought and did missions in space I think? There were definitely scenes of him on a hover board thing which I think broke at one point and he may have been betrayed or mislead in the game? They travelled to different locations planets maybe I don’t know. I think they were fighting to eradicate the alien plant things but I can’t remember what the game is or characters etc. From what I have described can anyone help me? I remember the cover of the game had bright green maybe letters in the middle with people and a lot of stars surrounding them. I know the main guy felt a bit like study’s from Final Fantasy 10 with a sort of innocence to protect and drive and determination. He definitely wore green and wielded some saber type thing? If anyone can help I would be grateful! Thank you