Question I can browse the internet via a web browser, but cant connect to any multiplayer games?

Jul 9, 2019
I have recently been admitted to hospital where i will stay for months and probably even years. This means that i am using a different internet connection than usual, and i dont have access to the router. Since i want something to pass the time with during the final part of my life i downloaded League of legends. when i try to login the game gets stuck at "authenticating". When i open minecraft the game wont connect to any multiplayer servers. Minecraft has worked properly when i was using wifi at home, but not here. However, browsing the internet via google chrome still works fine. The internet connection here seems to be working fine, so i dont know why multiplayer games wont work. i have tried searching the whole internet for any help and tips. I tried everything in the official article from riot games on what to do when the login wont work. I tried turning off all firewalls i could find on my pc, and many more things i cant even remember. I am using windows 7 proffessional on a dell latitude e7240. Any help would be greatly appreciated since there is literally nothing to do here and i am very, very bored.