Question I can hear some static noise coming from my motherboard/heatsink


Dec 16, 2016
Basically this, but intermittent, with no recognizeable pattern or rhythm, and very low volume. I need to stand over my case and turn my ear towards the air holes on top, almost touching the case with it, but it's still there.
This is in direct proximity of the mobo, at the CPU's height. I was thinking it could be the heatsink/cpu fan too because I'm having multiple noise problems ever since i changed fans - case resonance from something touching the side panel, turbulence from the front panel being too close to the intake fan, etc etc. The noise is unmistakably static-y, so it's probably the mobo, but just throwing that out just in case. I have some mechanical drives for storage but they are nowhere near there, no noise coming from them.

Any ideas? The mobo is a Gigabyte b450m DS3H, cpu is a ryzen 3600 with a CM Hyper 212 Evo heatsink. All fans are noctuas with a lifespan of a couple of months