I can not identify the problem of this old PC.

Jun 5, 2018
I mounted a PC especially for Old Games (2000). A Celeron D 315 (socket 478), 1GB RAM (1x1GB), IDE CD / DVD drive, 3 IDE HDDs of 80GB, Graphic Card is a Geforce 6200 AGP, 256MB of XFX. Motherboard is a FIC P4M800, VIA PM800 chipset (I know, VIA always smells bad). Windows XP SP3. All Ok until recently, when blue screens started, for various reasons, several files, Bad Pool Data, sometimes on startup, sometimes after some time. Trying to identify the problem using various tools. I installed Puppy Linux (tahr) using Lick, no problem. I started to think it might be a Hard Disk problem. Before trying to format it, I changed it to another 160GB hard drive and installed Windows XP. All normal until I installed the video drive (nvidia 295), and it started rebooting sporadically, and. In safe mode no problem. I uninstalled the drive and installed the 307. It keeps restarting, always saying that it has recovered from a serious error, without displaying a blue screen. I switched to the previous HD, it does not restart, but the blue screens of various types continue. On Linux I installed the Nvidia drive (304) and had no problems running Assault Cube for hours. This video card has had problems in the past, and has been set aside for about 2 years, until I need to fix a PC one day and decide to test it, it has worked without any problems since then. I tried removing the graphics card and using the on-board graphic, but no operating system was able to boot. I restored the Bios settings, then changed several options at a time, in several attempts, always the same errors. Everything indicates a problem with this Video Card, I will have to look for another one in some sales group, without another AGP in hand to test. But with all the other issues, I honestly wonder if it's still worth it. I'm not sure what the problem is. Someone has already gone through a similar situation, or can enlighten me to something I have not yet tried.