Question I can only get a connection after a restart or after changing settings ?

Jun 15, 2022
Hello all,

I have a very odd problem. I have some software which is supposed to wait for a server connection to be established and then send a message over ethernet. What's actually happening is that it sends the message right away before the connection is established and the message is never received.

However, I have found that playing with the ethernet settings I can get it to work once. For example I can disable "flow control" and then run the software. It will work one time, and then fail every time after that. I can then go back and re-enable "flow control" and it will work once. And then fail every time after that. It works the same for pretty much any other setting, I can enable/disable and get it to work once, but only once.

Surely there is some setting I am missing? It also works a single time after I restart the computer. One time only, and then it no longer waits for the server connection.
Also note this software works on every computer except this one that I am troubleshooting.

This is on Windows 10.