I can ping my network printers but can connect!


Feb 14, 2012

In the office we have 3 printers (2 network 1 attached locally to my machine). I can ping all of the printers and no packets are dropped, however I cannot connect to them.

I know the printers arent faulty because all of the other staff have no problems printing.

I have tried re-installing drivers, disconnecting the printer and reconnecting it etc. and I just cant find what the problem is!

the 2 network printers are:

Epson PX720WD
Brother 7045N

The laptop is an Alienware with Windows 7 Professional.

Any help is much appreciated as this is a very strange problem!


Jan 26, 2012
If you did everything right, you will be able to see them. If the printer is connected through the network, please insert the IP from the TCP/IP option they provide.

If you did that and as well as choosing the right driver for the right printer, prolly, you need to go to the network & sharing centre under control panel, change adapter & settings, select your local area connection, go to properties, and make sure the file and printer sharing is checked.

If you did everything right, they should print. If not, there might be user codes implemented on the printer, you can verify it with your IT personnel.