[SOLVED] I cannot find an answer anywhere. Please help with driver issues possibly.

Sep 26, 2020
Hello. I bought a prebuilt PC a while ago. I have always had issues with microphones that stop working seemingly out of nowhere. They still show up in control panel and sound but they seem to give off a constant light noise. I also have to uninstall and reinstall my realtek audio drivers for my phillips monitor to work. It only works after uninstalling then restarting my computer. More recently i purchased a oculus rift s and it sometimes works but mostly does not. It cannot detect the motion sensors. Although every once in a while if i keep <Mod Edit> with it it eventually works. The same goes for my headphones and audio. If i continue to uninstall and reinstall software then restart my computer theres a small chance my audio, motion sensors, or microphone may start to work. I want to know where to start or what this sounds like to you? I am completely stumped. I update windows frequently and all my drivers are up to date. It just seems that any device seems to malfunction connected to my computer. Here are my specs if this helps.
AMD Ryzen 5 2400g with radeon vega graphics 3.60 ghz
16gb of ram
AMD Radeon rx vega 11 graphics
Radeon RX 580 series
hp pavilion gaming desktop oo-xx
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had similar problems with microphone and on-board realtek, always a noise / hiss in the background. A usb sound card was my ultimate fix, all mic static and noise just about eliminated (or reduced to the point of it not being noticeable) - a bonus was never having to deal with realtek drivers that always had problems with every major windows update, no problems with the usb sound card very reliable post-updates.