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I cannot get a hard drive to Partition each one has five partitions I've got six laptop drives and the software Disk Managemen


Feb 10, 2018
Until I get my desktop problem fixed I went out and bought an HP 2000 now they had a Scorpio 320 gig hard drive everything is working fine and then one day they stopped working so what I did was I took out the hard drive and I see bought that small wire that goes from the motherboard to the hard drive but that didn't fix my problem my problem is is a head Windows 10 loaded on the Scorpio and now with all these partitions that I didn't create is making my laptop unusable I've gone to other computers to try to format the hard drive but it doesn't work either when I bring my hard drives to their computers it shows up the same thing I'm starting to believe I have a spirit in this house that does not want me to operate a computer I know this sounds silly but we're talkin 5 computers now that actually are just paper weights they don't work they don't do anything the HP 2000 is so new it can't be dirty as for the desktops I went through I clean them like a surgeon I checked all the specs to make sure that of course the CPUs the memories of hard drives they were all within motherboard specs I'm desperate and I'm willing to compensate anybody that can help me as a taxon my word is my bond a handshake is as good as it written attorney-client contract if you can help me fix these pretty shoes I can basically send you pictures of stereo equipment printers Furniture whatever you may need and I'll send it to you I'm just at a total loss after 25 30 years of working on computers I've never seen this before never so if there is a savant up there they can help me I promise you I will take care of you in the best possible way thank you for listening thank you for reading God bless you and I hope that we can come together and fix this


Mar 10, 2017
I'm wondering if MiniTool Partition Wizard version 9, or Acronis Disk Director, or anything similiar in power, anything similar that will let you create and use a USB or DVD boot with said utility on it. If the HD in question has Data (and/or even an OS) you want to keep, make sure you make a full image backup or two onto external media before using any partition / disk utility.