Question I cannot get my drive to boot on my new PC

Oct 28, 2021
I got a new PC (HP 290 G3) that only has UEFI Bios, not legacy. I am trying to move my Win 10 SSD drive there, but it will not boot. It is currently MBR but there is no boot partition I can see. Only a WinRE followed by the main Windows one. I guess it is hidden there somehow (either in the WinRE or the Windows one) as this was originally a Win 7 machine upgraded to Win 10.

I have tried these while still on MBR, but then it cannot boot even on my current machine. If I get this part to work, I can then move on to converting it to GPT.
list disk
select disk #
Note: Select the disk where you want to add the EFI System partition.
list partition
select partition #
Note: Select the Windows OS partition (# number) or your data partition.
shrink desired=100
create partition efi size=100
format quick fs=fat32
assign letter=s
list partition
list volume
Note: Note the volume letter where the Windows OS is installed.

bcdboot X:\windows
/s S:

Any ideas?