I cannot get my friends to join my Minecraft server.

Jun 9, 2018
My provider at the moment is Telstra, so I typed in the gateway IP and went into the Port Forward section. I typed in the Minecraft port which by default should be 25565, then for my Internal IP I put my IPv4, and for External I left it as, 'Any'. I am using also TCP - UDP. With all this said, my friends still cannot join my server, using the address from ipchicken.com. My Windows Firewall is turned OFF. Does it matter if there are already services using my IPv4? I don't really know but I would greatly appreciate if somebody could help me with this, I have been trying for a few days but cannot seem to get it working.


The first thing to check is from another device in your network (e.g. another PC or laptop) and while minecraft is running try to connect to the port on your PC by opening up a command prompt and running "telnet 192.168.x.x 25565" (just use whatever IP address your mincraft PC is in there) and see if it connects or times out.

If it times out, and the other pc cannot connect then the port-forward will also not be working so double check your PC setup.

If it is working, double check your port forward settings (which sounds correct, I also have it setup on my port forward for my son's PC on my Fios Quantum router) and check it with a port check tool like CanYouSeeMe.org's Open Port Check Tool.

Not familiar with the Telstra routers, on the Quantum I am able to use the netbios name of the PC which follows the DHCP address if it changes so that is a convenience. Double check your local IP with the one on the Telstra gateway. I also read a thread about changing your PCs DNS servers to something other than the gateway IP (like google dns servers) and that got forwarding working but it was an old thread from 2016 here however it sounded like a problem with that specific model of router. Which one are you currently using?