Question I CANNOT get my nvidia processor to work instead of the intel one.

May 5, 2022
I have just gotten a new monitor, and when I tried to set the frame rate at 144hz, like the comapny said it would run, it would not work. Thus, i assumed it was something with integrated graphics and tried to turn off the intel graphics using device manager. As i am on a laptop, it did not work. Then, i tried to change the graphics settings using BIOS. My motherboard, hwoever, did not support this. Finally, I tried to change the settings using NVIDIA control panel. When I selected the NVIDIA processor, hwoever, nothing happened. please, help me, as i cannot play games with this much screen tearing.


So you got a new monitor that supports 144Hz, and tried to set 144Hz on the monitor, but could not. So the natural assumption was to try and disable the laptop igpu.

Did you read the manual? Most of those higher refresh monitors are not native at 144Hz, they are native at 60Hz. To get 144Hz requires several steps, including hdmi/dp cable of correct speeds, setting specific modes on the monitor and disabling certain items like HDR or other picture quality enhancements in favor of performance.

To get 144Hz output from the laptop often requires similar settings enabled/disabled in nvcp before it'll allow higher Hz recognition.

Has nothing to do with bios or the igpu.